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Birthstones are more than just beautiful gemstones assigned to your birth month. Your birthstone allows you to connect with the deepest parts of yourself, and amplify the qualities that make you uniquely you. Whether you wear your birthstone in the form of a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings, or choose to channel its energies in the form of a meditation crystal, you can really benefit from knowing and using your birthstone. 

Birthstone jewelry is one of the most highly requested gifts for any occasion, and makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift from you to you. We love working with birthstones because we know just how powerful they can be. These gemstones are linked with providing you luck, good energy, and prosperity. Each month’s birthstone has its own distinct ability to heal and stimulate your mind, body, and above all, your spirit.


When you were born may have a significant impact on who you become, and it’s believed that your birth month may predict your personality and life path. The alignment of the stars at the precise moment you were born can have a great impact on the rest of your life and reveal who you are as an individual, and so we believe that it’s important to lean into your birthstone and channel its energy.


Each gemstone holds its own distinct power! But how exactly were these birthstones chosen for each month? Most experts believe that the origin of birthstones can be traced all the way back to biblical times and the Book of Exodus. This book describes a breastplate worn by Aaron, the first high priest of the Israelites. This breastplate held 12 different stones, each representing one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Each stone was said to have great powers and the ability to tell people their fate. We’ve gone ahead and listed all the birthstones below with details about their unique histories and abilities. 

January – Garnet

Garnet, a deep red stone named for the juicy red pomegranate seed. It is a fiery stone associated with energy, passion and protection. Unlike fiery rubies, garnet's energy is a slow burner. A great stone when working toward long-term goals. 

February – Amethyst

Amethyst, a purple stone ranging from the lightest lavender to the deepest eggplant is the ultimate stone for those new to crystals. It is a stoic stone associated with balance, sobriety, and calm. Amethyst can support during times of emotional upheaval, or when passions need to be balanced to move forward. 

March – Aquamarine

March's birthstone is aquamarine, the stone of calm & courage. Like hearing a gentle wave sound, aquamarine calms and soothes our minds and hearts when times are stressful. It is a great stone to keep close when struggling with anxiety or in situations where stressful energy cannot be avoided. Aquamarine also gives courage to move forward in uncertain or stressful times when we may rather hide.

April – Diamond

Diamonds are one of the most sought after gemstones on the planet. Ranging from perfectly clear, to yellow, to red, to blue, diamonds are exceptionally strong and beautiful. Natural diamond supports strength and protection. They support mental clarity and creativity. 

May – Emerald

May's birthstone is emerald, the stone of long-lasting love. Although many love stones fall into the pink or red category, emerald's green light shines like a beacon for long-term relationships. It reminds us that our love will change over time as we change and grow. 

June – Moonstone

June's birthstone is traditionally the pearl, but we love moonstone as a durable and less formal alternative. Moonstone exudes a feminine energy and is strongly associated with various 'phases' of a woman's life. Moonstone also supports intuition and higher consciousness so it is a beautiful stone to support in guidance and meditative ritual.

July – Ruby

July's birthstone is the striking red ruby, a stone prized for hundreds of years. Ruby supports feelings of passion and energy toward our goals and loved ones. In the past it has been associated with a masculine energy and often worn by warriors into battle.

August – Peridot

August's birthstone is the beautiful translucent green peridot. Peridot, like diamond, is formed in the earth's mantle and pushed to the surface through major events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Peridot was viewed by ancient societies as a stone of protection and abundance. It assists with clearing away negative emotions to make way for mental clarity and health.

September – Sapphire

September's birthstone is the (traditionally) deep blue sapphire. An ancient stone, the sapphire is modest, faithful and full of wisdom and protection. Sapphire adorned kings, religious leaders and warriors in ancient times.  Also, blue sapphire was a traditional stone for engagement rings, representing commitment, fidelity, and love. 

October – Opal

The fire of opal reflects all colours of the light spectrum. It is for this reason that the ancients carried opals as talismans of good luck. Precious opal stimulates intuition and allows us to bring forward important insights for deeper work and transformation. Coloured opals such as pink or blue Peruvian opal is deeply soothing and support connection to the heart. 

November – Citrine

While the traditional stone is topaz, we prefer citrine! The warm yellow tones of citrine inspire warmth and sunny thoughts. The name "citrine" is from the French word "citron" and its enjoyment can be dated back to ancient Greece. Like the warmth of the sun citrine is an energizing stone. It is a powerful abundance stone, especially for merchants. It also encourages us to be generous with what we have. More important than material wealth, citrine supports our self-esteem, joy and creativity.

December – Tanzanite

Tanzanite, hailing from only one location on the planet. Merelani Hills in Tanzania, is a striking blue-purple stone. It has a high vibration and is supportive at the spiritual level. Tanzanite is deeply meditative and suitable for support in spiritual exploration. It is also a calming stone, especially for those who tend to overwork. 


Your birthstone can be your talisman to guide you through life, but we encourage you to explore the other birthstones because the right crystal for you is the one that you feel the most drawn to, regardless of which month you're born in. Explore your options and enjoy your crystal journey.


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