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Holiday Gift Guide: Shopping By Personality | luxe.zen

Holiday Gift Guide: Shopping By Personality

After enjoying the warmth and energy of the summer sun, entering the colder and gloomier season can be hard for many of us. But winter means it’s time for the holidays, and regardless of what you celebrate in December, gift giving is a big part of this season. For the lucky ones, gift giving can be so easy! You may know exactly what your gift recipient would love to unbox, especially if they shared a wishlist, but for a majority of gift givers, coming up with the perfect present is a challenge.

So we’ve taken the guesswork out for you and compiled a gift guide that focuses on the personality type of your recipient! Celebrate who your loved ones are by gifting them pieces that will support them in whatever they may need. Read on to learn about our holiday picks, and browse Sarah's Picks to see all our favourites grouped together.






The homebody enjoys spending time in their own space. They feel most comfortable in their own environment, and may even lean into their introverted side. It’s important for them to create a sanctuary in their home, so when searching for the perfect gift for your homebody, think of how you can empower them to make their home even better for them. Here are the crystals we love for homebodies:


Clear Quartz / Herkimer Diamond

Known as the master healer, clear quartz can help manage the energy in your home. It can bring your whole being back to balance, and will amplify the positive energy in your space. Clear quartz brings with it feelings of patience and prosperity. Also known as herkimer diamond, clear quartz is a necessary addition to any home and any homebody - whether you wear it through jewelry or place it in an important part of your space.



Rose Quartz

The stone of the heart is one of our favourite giftable crystals, so we encourage you to consider rose quartz for your homebody loved one. Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love, and it can attract love to your home space. It’s calming, promotes bonding, and encourages compassion, which are all traits we want to experience in our homes. It’s useful as a jewelry piece or in your meditation practices - and it makes a beautiful addition to any space!



Smokey Quartz

The stone that clears negative energy, smokey quartz is a necessity. It’s known to relieve tension and stress, discourage bad dreams, and overall cleanse you and your space of the energies that are no longer serving you. Our tip: place your smokey quartz near your front door if you work outside of your home, or place it at your workstation if you work from home. This allows the crystal to clear any negative energy before it can spread through your home.







If your loved one has an adventurous soul, they love being on the move. They’re interested in trying new things, may be more extroverted, and are more willing to be out of their comfort zones. Support your adventurous loved ones this holiday season by gifting them with crystals that will amplify all their best traits and protect them on their adventures. Here are the crystals we recommend for the adventurous souls:


Purple Amethyst

This is the ultimate stone for protection while travelling or being on the go. If you’re one to never be in one place for too long, then this is an incredibly useful crystal for you. Purple Amethyst can enhance creativity, protect against negative energies you may come across, and calm hyperactivity when needed. It’s not a stone you’d want to forget at home!




For the adventurous nature pyrite can bring a wealth of benefits. Pyrite is known to stimulate the flow of ideas, bring confidence, protect you when you’re away from home, and overall bring you more adventurous energy. Lean into your adventurous side with pyrite - carry it with you or keep it at your workstation to really benefit from its powers.



Black Tourmaline

A powerful stone loved by ancient magicians, black tourmaline is still considered a premier talisman for protection. It’s effective at turning negative energy into positive energy, and can help your body align with the earth, wherever your adventure takes you. It helps you see the world more clearly, and can empower you in challenging situations. Black tourmaline is the boost we all need, but adventurous souls will especially thrive under its influence.







The responsible individual is a crucial part to any friend circle or positive family dynamic. They often take the lead to ensure plans stay on track, or always keep an eye out on the safety of the group. They can make difficult decisions, and can be some of the most caring people you’ll meet. Supporting your responsible loved ones is a great way to say thank you. Here are the crystals we know the responsible ones will love:



With one of the softest energies of all the crystals, angelite is a beautiful addition to any collection. It’s the stone of quiet strength and acceptance, aiding in purifying emotions and bringing a sense of calm over you. If you’re the responsible one, then angelite can support you in leaning into your strengths and creating an environment for you in which you can make calm and measured decisions.




The stone that’s made to take you on an inward journey, moonstone is one of our favourite picks for the responsible soul. It calms and encourages, supporting you in your duties. It can open your heart to feelings of nurturing and can assist you in accepting love, even self love. You can consider it one of the selfcare stones for those who spend more time caring for others. Care for yourself like you care for others - you deserve this.



Tiger’s Eye

An ancient talisman that’s known as the “all-seeing all-knowing eye,” tiger’s eye is said to give you the ability to observe everything around you in detail. It can give you luck and good fortune, and can be used as a support stone for determination to allow you to feel empowered and overcome fear. For the responsible one, this stone gives you the knowledge and courage you need to be who you are. Lean into your nature with a tiger's eye crystal.



Do you need a little more help with finding the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season? Just reach out to us - we’ll be happy to help you come up with a piece from luxe.zen that will be sure to delight.



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