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Inclusivity in Jewelry Sizing | luxe.zen

Inclusivity in Jewellery Sizing

This happens too often: you find something you absolutely love, but it’s not available in your size. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for your partner, or a beautiful piece for yourself, sizing can be an issue, even with accessories like jewellery. At luxe.zen, we believe all bodies are good bodies, and we want your shopping experience to be as smooth as possible. This means we want you to have the perfect fit in all our rings. We aim to be inclusive in all ways, including sizing.

In the jewellery industry, inclusivity in sizing is not yet the norm. People with ring sizes that are outside of the “normal” range often struggle to find a ring they like, or may struggle finding a ring they like within a fair price range. We believe it is important for the jewellery industry to begin taking the necessary steps to become more size-inclusive and create an equal experience for all customers. We are so proud to be one of the only Etsy jewellers to offer a wider range of sizes and customizable lengths at a fair price point - and we challenge everyone else to do the same. 

As with anything worth doing, this can be a learning process. Inclusivity is something that we all should be striving for, in all things, with no exceptions. At luxe.zen, we recognize that we will always have work to do to be inclusive in all ways, and are constantly challenging ourselves to become more inclusive and learn about what total inclusivity means.

We knew size-inclusivity was something we were able to focus on once we began crafting our own metal components in house, and this continues to be something that’s very important to us. We fully believe that all people should have access to all things, and should not be expected to settle for less because of anything, including their size. Your size does not define your worth, and your size should not dictate what you should and should not be allowed to purchase. 

We offer a larger range of ring sizes, necklace lengths and adjustable bracelets - but are also always happy and willing to create a piece for you in a size that’s not listed on our size guide or on our website, and we will never charge you extra to do so. We guarantee that you will be able to find a size that fits you, and if we don’t get the right fit the first time, we offer free exchanges and returns to ensure you get a ring that’s perfect for you.

We hope that our peers in the jewellery industry follow suit and offer a more diverse range of sizes in their entire collections, because inclusivity matters, and it’s past time that we were all inclusive.

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