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Crystals for Your Home Office

Many of us have spent what feels like an eternity in our homes the last few years. If you find yourself both living and working in the same space, we have compiled a list of crystals to help keep you productive during work time and also unplug and create space for rest. 

If your mind is wandering during the workday, pyrite can help you focus. Place some pyrite on your desk while you work to keep you on task and thinking clearly. 

If you’re working remotely and rely heavily on video or voice calls to keep in touch with your team and clients, consider keeping some kyanite close by. Kyanite helps us communicate our needs and desires clearly to help avoid any miscommunications and keep us feeling confident in our contributions. 

Once you’re done for the day, consider keeping some smokey quartz near the exit of your workspace to help absorb any lingering negativity so we can transition into our free time and create a separation between work and play. 

Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or just managing, these crystal tips will help you enhance your workspace and mental well-being while working from home.

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