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luxe.zen relaunches sustainable mosaic collection

mosaic collection re-launch: September 15 2022

Did you know that only a fraction of the gemstone material mined makes it into finished jewellery? Gems that are cracked, included, broken, off-cuts from faceting, or otherwise imperfect often end up in landfills. The jewellery industry is designed to only select top tier gems and since all gemstone mines produce material of varying quality, much of it is wasted. Further, for artisanal miners, only a fraction of their work generates income. There must be a better way! 

In 2017 our founder set out to create pieces out of imperfect or otherwise unsuitable gems. Inspired by ancient mosaic tile art and Canadian First Nations traditions of using everything that is taken from the earth, our mosaic collection was born. Imperfect stones are broken down into small pieces and set in a mosaic pattern, creating unique and raw jewellery pieces. Now, whether stones are unsuitable for our prong setting, leftovers from cutting, or simply stones that were broken are saved and repurposed into rings, stud earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Fast forward to 2022 and our mosaic collection continues to be some of our best selling pieces with 3 Etsy Picks, features in bridal shoots and adorning the bodies of thousands across the planet.  

So why are we re-launching this collection? As we move forward with our ethical sourcing journey it was only natural to update our mosaic pieces with higher quality, ethically sourced material. We are purchasing ethically sourced mine run material, giving artisanal miners income for a larger portion of their work. We work with our stone-cutting studio to carefully save off cuts and stones broken during the shaping process. Finally, we are saving all stones that we chip or break during stone setting. The result is a dazzling collection of gemstone chips & sand that are used to create our mosaic collection. Stones are set in permanent resin in single colour and gradient patterns. 

The collection relaunch will feature some reimagined favourite stones and incorporate some new options, in delicate rings, stud earrings, bar necklaces, and id bracelet styles. All pieces will now be available in sterling silver, 14k yellow or rose gold fill to blend seamlessly with your current jewellery and clothing collection. We’re also updating our chain options to ensure our styles are keeping with a 2022 aesthetic while still remaining timeless for seasons to come.

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