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How We Ensure Our Gemstones & Crystals Are Conflict-Free | luxe.zen

How We Ensure Our Gemstones & Crystals Are Ethical

What does it mean for a crystal to be ethically sourced, and why is it important to know where you are buying or sourcing from?


We believe it is our responsibility to understand and make conscious choices about our work's impact on those who contribute to our materials.


How do we do this?

  • We ensure that our diamonds are certified by the Kimberly Process as 'conflict-free.'
  • We ask suppliers for certification and source information if not readily available.
  • We avoid sourcing coloured stones from areas where the profits of gemstone or metal mining is known to fund conflict and human rights abuses until we can find a trusted ethical source.
  • 80% of our metal components are handcrafted in our studio in Canada.
  • We donate 3%, sometimes more, of our global profits toward capacity building initiatives in the small-scale and artisanal mining sector in the developing world.

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