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How we reduce our environmental impact as jewellers | luxe.zen

How we reduce our environmental impact

You may be wondering how our business reduces its impact on the environment. Great question!


We are dedicated to reducing our product's environmental and social impact by utilizing recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstone material while creating remarkable and unique pieces that last.


To reduce our environmental and social impact, we always use recycled of Fairmined Certified metals and ethically sourced gemstone material.


  • For example, 80% of the sterling silver and 14k gold material used in production is recycled. 
  • We use low impact packaging materials, including recycled and up-cycled paper and textile material.


Additionally, we have created our own gemstone eco-system within our studio. We purchase our rough stones in lots from small businesses, and inevitably some specimens are off-shape or otherwise undesirable for specific designs.


Our mosaic collection was created to use these types of materials. Specimens are hammered into shards and carefully set to create these pieces.


We are proud of our ability to use all gemstone material we purchase and reduce our environmental impact.


We also send back 100% of our viable metal waste to a refiner for recycling, and 100% of the gemstone material we purchase is used.

We don't just stop there, though. By advocating for greater access to fair mined & pre-made recycled metal findings and supplies, we hope to lead the way to a better, safer future.

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